Kate Silver is an award-winning freelance writer and editor with more than a decade of journalism experience. Based in Chicago, she specializes in features, health, food and travel stories for print publications and websites.

Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Men's Health, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Southwest Airline's Spirit Magazine and many other outlets.

Silver  also works with corporate clients to help communicate their compelling stories through websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, social media campaigns and more. She regularly writes for Chevy.com and the American Heart Association.

Silver tweets under @K8Silver writes about her Chicago adventures on her blog ---->

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Pie-Eyed for Pizza: The Illustration of a Love Story

Pizza is a universal food, and my boyfriend and I love traveling the world, one slice at a time. I have a new piece out in the Washington Post that talks about love, pizza and the adventures of Neil and me.  Please check it out!

What’s not included in the piece are a heap of photos. Visit my blog to see a visual travelogue of pizza around the world.

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How Mya Saved Jacob

After the war, Jacob thought he had put the worst behind him. Then the panic attacks began. On the brink of surrendering, he found an extraordinary soul who ended the nightmares.

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The Innovator of Surf.

When Jack O’Neill thinks back to the early 1950s, he remembers the ice-cream headaches. He could surf the Pacific for an hour before his mind slowed from the cold and that headache set in.

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